Light Box - Hanung Bramantyo Fave 5

Movie director Hanung Bramantyo's five favourite destinations.

1. Aachen, Germany
In Aachen you can experience medieval architecture first hand. I directed “Habibie & Ainun” in this beautiful city and instantly fell in love with the place.

2. Bangkok, Thailand
The culture, food and sense of familiarity found in the Thai capital always make for an enjoyable business trip.

3. Yogyakarta
I grew up in Yogyakarta and I know the city inside out. Who can say no to this centre of Javanese fine art, which has produced so many talented artists over the years?

4. Bali
“Perahu Kertas” was shot on location in Bali, and Balinese culture makes this fascinating island worth a visit.

5. Surabaya
Surabaya’s combination of skyline, the Suramadu Bridge and historical monuments make for an interesting visit.

Photographs: getty Images (1), Jan Dekker (3), Ina hapsari (1).